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Usability follows Sustainability

At the core of everything we do

Sustainable design is more than simply using recycled material. At POTR we take a ground up, holistic view when designing our products which considers the entire product lifecycle. Our enviromental design principles are captured below:

Eco Letterbox Delivery

Not only does this ensure you never miss a delivery, it is one of the biggest factors in reducing the carbon footprint of our products. This revolutionary flat pack design cuts the carbon footprint by over 100 times compared to traditional plant pots, thanks to the volume and weight saved during shipping.

Minimal Material Usage

POTR Pots use 95% less material on average when compared to traditional planters made from concrete or ceramics. This is due to our recycled sheet material being only 0.7mm thick! Rather than using excess material, the structure of our pots is engineered using the architectural origami design.

Recycled Material

All of our POTR Pots are made from waste polypropylene destined for landfill, as well as the outer component of our vase. We invest time sourcing and developing sustainable materials which best fit our product applications - our latest range of pots are made from recycled fishing nets.

Design for Longevity

Unlike a traditional ceramic or concrete planter, POTR Pots will not break if dropped or knocked. They're ready for the bumps and bashes you were least expecting. This ensures all the energy used to create the product is not needlesly wasted, unlike fragile alternatives.

Simple Recycling

Our products have been designed to be easy to dissamble into individual compnents to keep recycling simple. Check with your local council area regarding their recycling capabilities or take the components to your local recycling centre.

Sustainability from the ground up

Circular design thinking in everything we do, from our carbon saving flat packed delivery to reducing material usage by 90%, holistic sustainable design is at the heart of all we do.

The Problem with Pots

Traditional planters are often large, heavy, fragile objects requiring copious amounts if single use plastic to keep them protected during shipping. What is shipped to the customer is a effectively a large volume of air with a high carbon footprint!

Lean, clean origami machine

Origami is an integral part of our design process, forcing us to find beautiful, functional forms using the least amount of material possible.

Removing plastic from our oceans

Ghost Diving UK

We have committed 5% of our profits from our Saved from the Sea range to Ghost Diving UK. The funds support diving missions to clear our oceans of waste plastic and harmful fishing debris. We then work with recycling centres to transfom waste net into our Saved from the Sea self-watering pots, hence creating a circular economy.

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