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Hassle Free Plant Care


Modern Homes for Thriving Flora

We take the guess work out of botanical care. Using origami innovation to keep your flora thriving, our flat pack planters are posted directly through your letterbox so you never miss a delivery.

How It Works

POTR Pots are delivered flat pack through your letterbox with the smallest carbon footprint possible. After popping into shape the wicking cord enables your plant to self-regulate its own water intake - no more unhappy plants!

Self-watering Innovation

Take the guess work out of plant care. The cotton cord functions as a wicking straw, transferring water from the reservoir in the base of the pot to the soil surrounding your plant. Built into all POTR Pots.

Eco Flat Pack Delivery

The perfect gift posted directly through your letterbox. Sent with the smallest carbon footprint possible, enabled by our unique flat packed design made from recycled plastic.

Made from Waste

POTR Pots use 95% less material than traditional planters. The small amount we do use is made recycled plastics otherwise destined for landfill.

Grow Like a Pro

With a minimal carbon footprint

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Keep Your Flowers Thriving

Our latest innovation, the Letterbox Vase and Copper Stem extends the life of your flowers by eliminating bacteria build up. Not only does this keep them looking good as long as possible, it reduces wastage and cuts the carbon footprint.

Saved from the Sea

In the news

A former Dyson engineer has created plant pots which fold flat. It's a great case study in reinventing a standard object to make it much, much more sustainable.

"The design will have a carbon footprint significantly lower than traditional flower pots delivered as gifts."

"Accidental Flower Killer? This Vase Actually Helps Keep Them Alive"

"POTR Pots - meet the world's most sustainable plant pot."

"POTR pots are 100 times more carbon efficient than traditional plant pots, made from recycled plastic and arrive in net shape before being unfolded."

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