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Setup Your Pot

Watch the video below, or hit the button to view the video on Youtube. Enjoy the origami process!

POTR Pot Assembly

Your Flat Pack POTR

Woo you have a POTR, now let's get planting!

Unfold your packaging

You'll find handy picture instructions inside.

Remove from packaging

Your POTR Pot will be neatly folded with the cord and stand attached.

Remove cord bundle

Place the cord bundle to one side for later.

Tear off the stand

Give the stand a firm pull to snap it from the pot. Place to one side.

Unfold your pot

Unfold and lay flat. Some of the folded lines may need some time to relax!

Pre-Fold Origami Lines

With the POTR logo facing towards you, fold along each of the 8 fold paths to crease the origami pattern. Make sure to fold away from you.

Insert tab through slot

To begin assembly, slide a tab through the corresponding slot until the holes align. You may need to give some of the fold lines a crease at this stage.

Thread cord to lock

Using the cord with the metal tip, thread this through the tab from the inside of the pot and pull out. This will lock the tab in place.

Thread and repeat

Join each of the folding arms by slotting the tab and then threading the cord. The cord should thread in and out as you progress around the rim.

Tie a knot

Once you've threaded around the rim, tie a small knot on the inside to take up any slack.

Origami complete

Your pot should now be assembled with each tab locked in place.

Squeeze the stand

To ensure a round profile on your pot stand, fold each of the vertical lines and squeeze it into shape.

Adjust the stand

You can modify the diameter of the pot stand to suit whichever pot your plant is potted in.

The wicking cord

Next, take the second length of cord and run it under a tap to wet it (this is needed to prime the watering system). Then, place one end under the scallop on the pot stand.

Place in pot base

Place the stand and cord in the base of your POTR Pots.

Add your potted plant

Add your potted plant into your POTR Pot but keep the end of your wicking cord free.

Engage the wick

Use a sharp object (such as a pencil) to drive the end of the cord into the soil surrounding your plant.

Your wick is ready

All that's left to do now is add water the reservoir. Remember, make sure your wicking cord is already wet!

Fill up the reservoir

Pour water between your POTR and the nursery pot to fill the reservoir.

Fill to the top of the water mark.

Watch the water line as you add water. Do not fill past the top of the circular water level indicator.

Your POTR is complete!

Keep an eye on the water level indicator so you know when to top the reservoir up. Happy planting!

How to setup

POTR Version 2

Click on the link below which will take you to the video setup page. Happy folding!

Self-watering Science

POTR Pots use a length of capilary action wicking cord which transfers water from the reservoir in the base of the pot, to the soil surrounding the roots of your plant. Your plant only drinks when it's thirsty and will be kept hydrated for up to 3 weeks!

Minimal Design

Form follows function. The origami design provides structure to the pot while the clean lines provide a timeless aesthetic. Our pots use 90% less material than traditional planters.