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Posting POTR.

Posting POTR.

You've Got Mail!

Hello backers! We have a super exciting update for you this weekend. As outlined in our project timeline, we were aiming to start shipping your rewards by the end of November…after a month of incredibly hard graft since starting production, we are now ready to start posting your POTR Pots! This has been a somewhat mammoth task which is not over yet! We aim to have completed packing and shipping all orders within the next 2 weeks. We are starting by shipping all UK orders this weekend, followed by all international orders in the coming weeks.

UK POTR Pots packed and ready to ship!
All UK orders at the Royal Mail Sorting Centre

POTR Pots Sorting Centre 

Over the past month we have been assembling and packing 3000 individual pots across roughly 1000 orders. All POTR Pots have been strung and are sorted into bundles based on destination country, reward type and colourway. The admin task alone has been an eye opening experience and has given us a first hand lesson in logistics! Determined to keep to our word, we have a devised an efficient system of sorting and packing which has ensured we are on track to deliver your rewards when promised.

All POTR Pots have been bundled by postage country and reward type!
Pre-strung and ready to be flat packed

Eco-Packaging Design

You may have noticed we have given our packaging a bit of a makeover since launching our Kickstarter! We are using a standard, large letter sized cardboard box to package your POTR Pots - this is designed to the exact dimensions specified by the Royal Mail and is designed to fit through your letterbox. 

The cardboard boxs are more robust than a standard envelope and are made from 100% recycled material. We have also printed with water based, recyclable inks on the inside of the box meaning we save on materials by not requiring a separate paper note with our thank you message. We are keeping the graphics on the inside of the box a surprise for now, but here is a teaser to keep you intrigued!

100% recycled card with water based inks - our custom graphics will be revealed when you receive your POTR Pots!

Keeping you posted, as we post. 

Now that we have started shipping we will be posting regular updates as and when we post batches of international orders. As outlined above, we aim to have sent all remaining order in the next couple of weeks. We are using international standard shipping which should reach anywhere in the world within 7 days. 

Post your photos on social media!

Once you receive your POTR Pots, feel free to share images on Instagram and Facebook and tag us @potrpots !

Thanks once again for your continuing support - we can't wait for you to receive your rewards!


Andy and Martin